Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Farm Name (part 2!)

Back in January we asked for your assistance in naming the farm.  The kids had helped us come up with some ideas and some of you suggested some great names too!  From the chart below, you can see that Redhead Acres was the clear favorite.  Unfortunately, there is already a farm in Missouri with that name.

So now we are into round two of picking out a name.  We have come up with a whole list of names below similar to Redhead Acres.  And we are calling on you again to help us narrow the choices. 

  • Redhead Meadows
  • Redhead Fields
  • Redhead Family Farm
  • Redhead Pastures
  • Redhead Patches
  • Redhead Homestead
  • Redhead Country
  • Redhead Tillage
  • Redhead Cultivars

* Our offer still stand of a free jar of homemade applesauce to the person who submits a winning farm name.

double rainbow & apple trees

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