Wednesday, January 15, 2014

What's In a Name?

Seed catalogs have begun to arrive and we are making plans for Spring.  But we can't just show up at the Farmer's Market trying to sell our wares without a snazzy name for the farm.  So we've been brainstorming ideas and we need your help!  Below are some of the ideas we've had.  Help us narrow it down a little by letting us know which name(s) is/are your favorite(s)!

  • Starline Creek Farm
  • Squaw Creek Farm
  • Rolling Hills Farm
  • Toad Run Farm
  • Honeybun Farm
  • Nick Squared Growers
  • Black Dog Farm
  • Dannon Fields
  • Redhead Acres
  • Apple Hills Farm
  • Ginger Estates
  • The Wilson Farm  (Lily's pick)
  • The Best Known Farm Ever  (Lily's pick)
  • The Family Farm  (Addy's pick)
  • Daddy's Farm (Addy's pick)
  • Sean's Farm  (Sean's pick)
  • Seanie's Farm (Sean's pick)

Do you have an idea that you think we will like?  Let us know!!  If you suggest the winning farm name (not on the list above) we will send you a jar of homemade applesauce.

the farm circa 1988


  1. Redhead Acres is my favorite, but the ones below are good too.

    Rolling Hills Farm
    Toad Run Farm
    Honeybun Farm

  2. I like the Redhead Acres too! Some pretty good looking redheads at this farm!

  3. "Apple Face Farm" as the kiddos are the apples of your eyes, you make apple saucy for those saucy redheads. Did you know that our Caffe Italia 'Guido' was painted from an apple face doll chef? I like Redhead Acres too, but it's taken in Missouri.

    1. Good suggestion! Bummer someone "stole" our idea! :)

  4. Love the farm picture, beautiful dream come true.

  5. Yeah this is a winner "The Best Known Farm Ever" or BKFE

    1. Lily is quite the creative thinker! Thanks for the vote.