Sunday, January 12, 2014

100 Indoor Kids' Activities

Lately it has been so cold that the kids have not been able to go outside or on the porch to run around.  School was even cancelled two days!  All this leads up to a house full of pent up energy and slightly cranky kids.  I admit some days to letting them watch too many tv shows, but we've been trying to think of some creative ways to keep them moving, thinking and imagining.  Below I have a list of ideas.  I typed each one into Publisher and made little cards that I cut out.  I put all the cards into an empty tissue box.  Now whenever the kids are looking for something to do or tell me they are bored, I can have them reach in and grab a card.  But beware!  Some of the cards say "do a chore."  Two even say "do homework!"

100 Great Indoor Activities during Inclement Weather

  1. do gymnastics stretches
  2. crab walk the length of the living room
  3. bear walk the length of the living room
  4. bunny hop the length of the living room
  5. frog leaps the length of the living room
  6. flamingo walk the length of the living room
  7. walk backwards the length of the living room
  8. walk on tip toe the length of the living room
  9. ten donkey kicks  (gymnastics-inspired activities are great for strength!)
  10. ten jumping jacks
  11. ten sit-ups
  12. play red light, green light
  13. play Simon says (teaches listening skills)
  14. hop on one foot
  15. spin around 5 times
  16. act out your favorite story or book
  17. read a book
  18. build a fort
  19. have a tea party or indoor picnic
  20. have a dance party (let loose of all that energy, great for kids and parents)
  21. write a letter (email is great and efficient, but who doesn't love a handwritten note?!)
  22. make a card (homemade is extra special)
  23. use toilet paper rolls to make a craft
  24. go on a treasure hunt
  25. bake cookies
  26. color a picture
  27. scrapbook
  28. build an obstacle course
  29. play cards
  30. play a board game
  31. take a bubble bath (entertainment and cleanliness at the same time)
  32. make a music video (reminds me of my childhood singing Madonna...)
  33. build something with recyclables
  34. duct tape crafts
  35. play hot potato
  36. build a Lego city
  37. record a video for a relative
  38. plan a sleepover
  39. make care kits for homeless (teaches kids compassion)
  40. be a pirate
  41. build a trap
  42. tickle monster
  43. use masking tape to make a game (ie hopscotch, balance beam, spider web)
  44. make slime or ooblek
  45. play playdough
  46. use paper plates to make a ring toss
  47. write secret messages with crayon and paint over to reveal
  48. use lemon juice to write secret messages (science experiment in disguise!)
  49. put together a puzzle
  50. play pantyhose polo
  51. do shadow puppets on the wall
  52. write a story
  53. play hide & seek or sardines
  54. play musical chairs
  55. blow bubbles on a plate
  56. bead a necklace
  57. make a snack necklace
  58. cut up magazines to make a collage
  59. draw with window markers (why waste paper?)
  60. race paper airplanes
  61. origami
  62. have a playdate
  63. plant an indoor herb garden
  64. do a fashion show
  65. play dress-up
  66. make sock puppets (I know you have a million mismatched socks in the laundry room)
  67. look at old photos (kids love hearing stories about themselves or their family)
  68. re-arrange a room (even if only for a day)
  69. have a family movie night, with popcorn and snuggles
  70. host an un-birthday party
  71. make paper dolls and clothes
  72. edible sculptures from grapes or marshmallows and toothpicks
  73. do a photo shoot
  74. interview each other, make a "newspaper"
  75. paint in the bathtub
  76. have a spa day
  77. freeze dance
  78. use a balloon to play keep up
  79. play charades
  80. put on a kids' work out or dance video
  81. learn the words to a song
  82. memorize a bible verse or poem, then recite to each other
  83. draw secret names, do something nice for that person
  84. ring around the rosie
  85. hokey pokey
  86. duck, duck, goose
  87. nerf dart war
  88. nerf ball bowling
  89. kitchen science experiments, like a vinegar & baking soda volcano
  90. holiday crafts (there is always a holiday around the corner, and starting early on your crafts never hurts!)
  91. let the kids frame some photos for their room
  92. skype or facetime someone
  93. write birthdays on a calendar
  94. laminate photos and draw silly mustaches on them with a dry erase marker (or use a plastic page protector)
  95. jelly bean portrait (have you seen the portraits at the Jelly Belly factory?)
  96. play house (classic)
  97. do homework (sometimes when I didn't have homework, my dad would make something up for me to work on)
  98. build something with pvc (playhouse, greenhouse, ballet barre, hurdles, doll beds, kid size chairs)
  99. sort toys to donate
  100. get out of your house - sometimes, just getting out and changing the scenery will appease the kids (and you).  If the weather is not too bad to drive in, look for an indoor attraction like a museum, kids gym, indoor playground, bounce house place or even a mall with a playground.
**Bonus:  You might already know that Pinterest is like, the most amazing website.  You can find science experiments, arts & crafts projects, learning worksheets and just about everything else under the sun.  You can follow Farming in Flip Flops here or my personal account here.

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